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naughtyoffice naughtyoffice Abella Danger and Sean Lawless

Starring: Abella Danger | Sean Lawless |

Tags: Big Ass, Big Dick, Brunette, Bubble Butt, Cum in Mouth, Facial, High Heels, Stockings, Trimmed,
naughtyoffice Sean Lawless: All hell breaks loose when big boss Abella Danger finds out that her employee Sean Lawless has been using the company credit card for his personal affairs, and heads are gonna roll. Except that they already have: when Sean Lawless explains that the cosmetic surgery purchase notated on the credit card report was used for a “head reduction,” and not the one resting on his shoulders, Abella Danger demands proof. It’s not commonplace to slap your cock out on your boss’s desk, but it’s also not commonplace for your boss impressed upon seeing the results of such a demand, as Abella Danger is when Sean Lawless unzips. So much so that she’s instantly mesmerized and practically begging for her employee’s huge dick in her salivating mouth. But what about his expenditures on the company dime? Enjoy this lesson in workplace risk taking and risk management!

naughtyoffice Sean Lawless Sean Lawless

Naughty Office Sean Lawless

naughtyoffice Sean Lawless


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